About Us

IME Services is a newly established name, but has 3 generations of experience passed down from family members of HVAC and Electrical trades.  It began in 1959 with Gordon Paschall creating his own electrical service company servicing the Keller, TX area.  He later expanded his services to HVAC and Electrical.  Danny Paschall, owner of IME Services, learned the electrical trade from his father, Gordon Paschall, working for him.  In 1984, Danny received his master electrician license.  Later Ryan Paschall, owner of IME Services, was taught the electrical trade by his father Danny, and his grandfather, Gordon.  Ryan worked for Gordon’s company for 2 years before he decided to establish his own electrical company that he operated for 10 years prior to IME Services. 

Barry Martin, owner of IME services, learned his HVAC trade from his grandfather, Gordon Paschall.   He began working for Gordon when he was 18 years old and worked for him for 5 years.  Barry received his HVAC contractor’s license and EPA certification in 2004, and left his grandfather’s business to pursue his own HVAC company. 

Danny, Ryan and Barry decided in the Spring of 2014 to combine their business into one called, Integrated Mechanical and Electric Services, LLC. 

So why choose us?  Our company was built on hard work, honesty and integrity that was passed down 3 generations.  We strive as a company to provide you with the best service in the industry.